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Pandemic has accelerated everything towards more virtual on almost every field or domain where possible especially in Non-core Sectors . Small , Medium & Large all size businesses are now forced to Adapt WFH work culture where possible . Most of the Tech Firms , Startups , IT & Software Development Businesses are now continuing their businesses remotely & going to adapt hybrid work-models .

  • Businesses are required to provide their employees Virtual Workspace or Video Conferencing tools like Zoom Pro Accounts , GSuite , Microsoft Team etc with a very high cost .
  • Bymond Meet offers an Customized solution which comes with Administrative Control , Privacy & cost effective solution for the Businesses .
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Administrative Control

With all features on the User Dashboard for Bymond Meet users , we have also to offer an exclusive Admin Dashboard for Businesses on their custom domain that allows to manage Users & their Rooms & Recordings.

Unlimited & affordable

Yes , for large businesses we can offer unlimited User accounts . We charge for the concurrent no of users on the Platform only . Businesses only need to pay for the max users who will use the platform at the same time instead total no of User’s account.

Custom Plan

For Businesses we can offer Custom Plans with a increased Per room Limit , like Bymond Meet Micro offers max 10 attendees / Room , Large Rooms allows 50 / Room . Businesses can get Rooms with custom Limits & Plans.

Bymond Meet for Businesses

Bymond Meet not only provides Virtual Meeting Room & Classroom to Individuals ,also helping businesses to fight COVID19 & sustain their business with tailor made & customized virtual workspace & collaboration platform provided by Bymond Meet.




Employees or Users


Video Sessions


Online Learning & Training Platform

Bymond meet has powered more than Five International Online Edtech Platforms who are Using their own Customized version of Bymond Meet to offer Live classes & online Trainings for Schools & Corporate Training centres .

  • Bymond Meet Room features are always Premium on any Plan but the Exclusive Admin Dashboard for Businesses , gives additional administrative power to manage their Users , Rooms & settings according to their needs .
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Customer Support

Video Support for Clients & Customers

As COVID19 has forced the Consulting Businesses , Insurance Industries , Software & IT Industries to either fully Work From Home or Hybrid Workspace , Video Support is now the need of the hour & here Bymond Meet offers to setup the most Easily to Access , Robust , Video Support System .

  • Permanent Support Room Links
  • Multiple Support Agents & Profiles
  • Waiting Room & Live Monitoring Dashboard for Organization Head or Managers
  • Recordings for Quality assessment & Monitoring.
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