Key Features you are looking for

  • Short , Convenient ,Permanent Room Link
  • No-installation , Instant Connect
  • Optional Multi Level Security
  • Open Speed Meeting Room
  • Unlimited Cloud Recordings for 30 Days
  • Unlimited Recording Playback & View
  • Premium Meeting Functionalities
  • Multi User Whiteboard Collaboration
  • Advanced Privacy Control Panel
bymond meet

Why Bymond Meet ?

Instead of Free Meeting Tools from Giant Cloud Service Providers why you might opt for using Bymond Meet or Own Bymond Meet?

Why should you consider Bymond Meet instead of Free one?

Quality Service

Neither we Sell your Data nor we Show you Ads.We want to serve you Best solution at Best price instead of a Limited Service at ZERO Cost.

Reasonable Price

Bymond is Self-funded . It is okay if you just pay for our Expenses & Development Cost , we don't need to make profit for Investors.

Fulfills your needs

Most Importantly what we understand is your need . Offering Full Featured low cost Video Conferencing Solution instead of Free & Limited Version.

Bymond Meet Edge of Controls

Bymond Meet Meeting Rooms Controls & Premium User Dashboard Features

Dynamic Room Names

Room links can be used until the user doesn't delete the Room, but the Name & Settings can be updated any-time.

Multiple Virtual Rooms

Bymond Meet allows Users to have Multiple Virtual Meeting Rooms with all Features & Controls .

Make Recording Public / Unlisted

Users can choose to Publish their Recordings on their Rooms publicly available or keep Unlisted.

Pre Upload Presentation to Rooms

Allows to Pre Upload Presentations in PPT or PDF , to Individual Meeting Rooms even months ago.

Share Room Access with other User

Any user can Share the Rooms to other Bymond Meet users with Moderator Access to manage the room.

Mute on Joining & Passcode

Moderators can Toggle room settings to Mute on Joining & Setup an optional Room Passcode for Attendees.

Optional Waiting Room Lobby

Rooms can be Open for all or Attendees need to wait on protected Rooms until approved by the Moderator .

All Join as Host / Moderator

This is also an optional advance room Setting , User can allow all Attendees to join with Moderator Access .

Bymond Meet Virtual Room Features

Bymond Meet Virtual Rooms Includes all Premium Features that you need to run a Successful Meeting on Virtual Space

HD Webcam Sharing

Live Public & Private Chat

Viewer & Participants Join

Easy switch of Presentations

Screen / Window / Tab Share

Raise Hand Functionality

Polling & Engagement

Multi User Whiteboard Access

Shared Note Collaboration

Live Captioning Tool

Promote & Demote Users

Share External Videos

Provide Temporary Role

Mute all Participants

Start & Stop Recordings

Network Status

Additional Privacy Control Panel

Not only we, Users too can Take care of Privacy of people joining their rooms.

How Users can Control Privacy?

Our Privacy Control Panel allows this very easily in every meeting. Just User needs to Toggle the buttons to Lock & Unlock the things .

What Users can Control Actually?

Meeting Host or Moderators can Control multiple things like Who can see Share Webcam , Mic & also Viewers can see each other’s Webcam or not , much more.

Who can View the webcams already Shared?

By default all can See each other’s Webcam , but if Host or Moderator cares about Attendees Privacy , can Lock Attendees to see each other Privacy.

What else to Control?

Lock Unlock Public & Private Chat , Shared Note Editing, User’s List , Share Mic or not by the Attendees or Not.

Different Layers of Security Controls

Bymond Meet Rooms includes Multilevel optional Security Level for different use cases . The Host or Moderator can define the Security level of the Room.

  • Public Networking Hall

    Anyone can enter by Entering their Name.

  • Communities Meeting Room

    Only can Enter having a Meeting Passcode.

  • Secured Private Meeting Room

    Only they can Enter , whom Moderator Approve to Join , even after entering the Passcode.

Here these are examples only , Moderators can choose to have any Security Measure for any kind of Meeting Rooms.

Bymond Meet for All

  • Are you looking for affordable & fully featured Video Conferencing Solution?
  • Start using Bymond Meet for all your Virtual Meetings or Sessions.
  • Starts from 2 USD or 150 INR Only !!!

We would love to see you using our Platform soon.

Use Cases & Case Study

How are we making a difference & better?

Bymond Meet for Healthcare
Bymond Meet for Healthcare

Bymond Meet is making its place on Video Health Care , Doctors Consultation and Online Tele Clinic.

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Bymond Meet for  Education
Bymond Meet for Education

Compromising with your Online Classes with Video Conferencing tools ? Use Bymond Meet virtual classroom solution made for learning & engagements.

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Bymond Meet for Businesses
Bymond Meet for Businesses

Connect Coworkers and Teams with Bymond Meet. Work together on Bymond Meet Virtual Space & Collaboration Tools with fun & engagements.

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Large Meeting Rooms & Gatherings?
Large Meeting Rooms & Gatherings?

Do you need Large Crowd to Join your Meeting or Webinar? Bymond Meet Micro & Large Rooms allows a maximum of 50 Peoples in a Single Meeting Room . But you can request us to Provide Extra Large Meeting Rooms with Max 200 Participants & Stream to Public Platforms with Unlimited Audience .

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What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?

Overthinking may waste your time : ) Know More with Bymond Meet & STOP Compromising your Virtual Sessions with Free alternatives . Be Productive with Efficient tools offered by Bymond Meet at unbelievable Cost.

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